US Patent portfolio


DDR has a number of US patents in our growing portfolio that are available for licensing or sale in the areas of secure computing and extremely high speed analog design including analog to digital converters. This analog to digital converter IP is ideal for modern SERDES design with PAM encoding. Please see the US patent numbers for the different IP families listed below:

Analog Design: 9,698,803; 9,831,883; 10,298,246; 10,601,432; 10,855,298; 11,196,432; pending application 17/517121

Secure Computing: 9,767,318; 10,664,621; 11,200,347


Innovation Through Research 

DDR provides innovative IP, hardware design and technology services that will turn ideas into revenue generating products. Our highly skilled engineers and scientists specialize in the following eleven areas: Secure Computing, ADCs, Networking, Storage, Medical Devices, High Performance Computing, Network Security, SoC, Layout, Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Optical Image Processing. The team has extensive experience in FPGA design, ASIC design, optical design, Analog Circuit Design, SoC design, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, SAS, PCIe, storage, Verilog, VHDL, IC layout, PCB layout and design verification.  

Advanced Mixed Signal ASIC Design

High Performance PCB Design and IC Layout